Ceremony Audio Support, Steve?  You’ve used that term on several occasions.  What EXACTLY does it mean?

Let me paint the picture for you: you and your spouse-to-be pored over your invitation list.  You agonized over who to include as witnesses to THE moment when you would proclaim your intentions to support, nurture and encourage each other for the rest of your days.  That moment has FINALLY arrived…

And only the two of you, your officiant, your attendants, and MAYBE the people occupying the first two rows of seats closest to you can hear a single word that either of you has to say.

Not quite what you pictured when you envisioned your wedding ceremony, is it?

While plenty of couples are still going the more traditional route of having their wedding ceremonies at churches, more and more couples are choosing to do something different.  There are several reasons for this: the couple are from different denominations and they don’t want to choose one over the other; in some instances, they were raised in different Faiths altogether; some couples would prefer not to include any religious symbolism in their wedding proceedings.  Just as each couple is specific, so are their motivations.

I’ve witnessed this progression firsthand over the 19 years that I’ve been in the wedding industry.  Last year alone, I provided entertainment for 56 weddings – of those, Ceremony Audio Support was included for 43.

Many couples don’t really consider the idea that the entertainer for their wedding reception would be capable or even willing to provide Ceremony Audio Support.  The statement that started this piece is a frequent one that I receive when discussing the needs of couples inquiring about Behind the Board DJ Entertainment’s services.

That makes sense, Steve.  Why should I consider having YOU take care of it?

I REALLY like this question.  Here are a few advantages:

  • If we’re working together for your reception entertainment, the addition of one planning form that is dedicated to the music for your ceremony is an easy thing to do.  We’d roll it into the rest of your planning forms in the name of convenience.  That’s also one less vendor to search for when it comes to your wedding planning.

    Star Wars themed wedding ceremony.

    Photo Credit: Little Mac Design Weddings

  • I’d personally contact your officiant prior to The Big Day to discuss THEIR needs when it comes to the hardware.  What type of microphone would they prefer (lapel or hand-held)?  Would they like a microphone stand?  Are there going to be readings from other family members and/or friends?  This information is CRUCIAL to me in planning out what equipment would be best to cover the situation.
  • I’d provide all of the equipment and the music necessary for your wedding ceremony.
  • Having your ceremony in a location that doesn’t have electrical outlets to plug into?  My ceremony systems are battery operated.
  • If an emergency situation arises where your officiant can’t attend at the last minute, I’m ordained and recognized by The State of Minnesota to legally perform wedding ceremonies.

Ultimately, your wedding ceremony is The Main Event of your wedding celebration.  While most of the talk in the months and years ahead will be about the party afterward, it’s the ceremony that’s the most significant part of the day.  Make sure that those witnessing THAT moment are able to hear the expressions of love that usher you and Your Future Spouse from Engaged to Married.

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