For nearly 30 years, I have been a DJ in some capacity. I grew up with a love of music that has never wavered. Sharing that love of music; the profound influence it has had on my professional life is one of my great joys. To be able to share that love, that joy with you and your guests as part of your celebration reaffirms what I believe to be one of my life’s purposes.


While I’ve chosen this profession as a living, my goal isn’t to “get clients on the books.” Too often, I’ve heard people describe DJs seemingly being present just to collect a paycheck. You want to believe that your DJ cares about you and giving you the best experience possible during your celebration.

It’s important for me to get to know who you are; that informs my approach to your event. What are your likes and dislikes? What’s your story? What’s your Love Story if the event is a wedding? At the end of the day, everything that I say over the microphone, everything that I do is with YOU in mind. This begins the moment I respond to your inquiry and can continue for years beyond your departure at the end of your celebration.

Many clients need some nurturing during the planning process of their event. I try to make myself available as often as reasonably possible so that you know that you’re not flying solo. If you have questions about the song choices, if you need advice on the timing of your event or just need someone to remind you to breathe, that’s what I’m here for. The best compliments that I have received are those where I’m told that I was a calming influence on my clients.


Just shy of 950 events performed, I’ve helped orchestrate many memorable moments for my clients. I’ve helped grandparents impart wisdom to newlyweds, implemented end-of-the-night send-offs that would make microphones drop and have no problems initiating dance floors packed with people doing The Cupid Shuffle. The key is that I strive to make each event the party that you deserve.

My experience breeds my self-confidence; I understand how nervous an event like a wedding WILL make the newlyweds and their parents. With that in mind, I take as much time as possible to put things into perspective. Ultimately, as long as the vows are said, the rings are exchanged and the couple is presented as newly married spouses, everything else is “icing.” There WILL be hiccups along the way; there always are. My job is to serve as someone who will always keep it real with you with enthusiasm for the end result.

When it comes to company parties, things tend to be a bit more laid back. That doesn’t mean that I operate as if I “have the night off.” You’re still looking to entertain your guests, as am I. Getting everyone’s attention to get settled in for the official announcements can be challenging. When the speeches are completed and it’s time for the dancing to commence, you want someone who has no problem getting on the dance floor with you to help get things started.

“Generally speaking, guests at these events need a little coaxing in order to have a good time. If I need to serve as the catalyst, I’m going to relish it. If I’ve done my job, they’re not only looking to me to determine how much fun they should have, they’re also jumping at the chance to have fun WITH me. It doesn’t hurt that I’m okay on the dance floor, either.”