At a wedding that I handled a few weeks ago, I watched two young ladies with huge grins on their faces repeatedly jumping with their backs to the photo booth.  Steve, why were they jumping like that, you ask?  Well, they were trying to jump high enough to essentially have a “double moon” in the pictures they were taking.  Their line of thinking was that the newlyweds would find those pictures quite humorous when reviewing them post-event.  Let me tell you – people tend to get fairly creative with the poses that they take before the camera flashes.

This is just one example of the extra excitement that a photo booth instills in guests at an event.  There’s something about taking selfies with a group of friends and family members that gets people extra hyped.  Knowing this, I invested in a photo booth to add to the services offered by Behind the Board DJ Entertainment.  I’ve seen how much fun people have with them; I’ve  even hopped in front of them at a few events that I’ve handled.

Here are 5 Reasons To Add a Photo Booth To Your Event.

5: Capture Moments That You May Have Missed
Let’s face facts – you can’t be everywhere at once.  Even if you have a photographer and/or a videographer, there are things that are going to be missed because you are needed elsewhere.  If your event is a wedding where you’re literally the center of attention, this goes double.  By adding a photo booth, guests that you may not have an opportunity to get quality time with can take pictures that allow them to wish you well in their own way.  Trust me, when you see the pictures afterward, you’ll appreciate the foresight that went into adding the photo booth.

4: It Provides More Fun For Your Guests
Here’s a not-so-secret secret: not everyone that attends an event is comfortable with dancing.  While a lively dance floor is a GREAT thing, there are many people at these events who simply don’t dance.  Many of the non-dancers will be content to just mingle with family and friends; having a photo booth gives them an opportunity to do something fun without having to be on the dance floor.

But wait…  It’s not JUST for the people who won’t dance.  For the people who may not have a dance partner during the slow songs, or those who aren’t into the current genre of music being played at the time, having a photo booth can be a GREAT opportunity to keep them engaged when they aren’t busting out their best dance moves.  It can also be a nice excuse to take a breather.

3: Digital Keepsakes For You and Your Guests With No Mess
Thanks to technology, your guests can text or email the photos that they take to themselves.  So long as internet and/or cellular service is good at the host site, your guests can receive those photos almost immediately.

Ever notice how many printed photos end up being left behind to be collected by someone who doesn’t really want them…?  Or worse, to be thrown in the garbage?  Digital pictures allow for less paper and ink waste.  Should you decide that you’d like to print some of the pictures, you can download them and use your favorite print vendor to produce a print for your wall or mantle.

On another note, your guests can share their pictures to social media as soon as they’ve received them.  How many times have you shared pictures of the fun that you’re having at an event to your social media channels?

2. Family Gatherings, Family Fun
Many of these events are essentially family reunions.  If it’s a wedding, it’s a given that you’ll get formal family pictures taken earlier in the evening.  Once the formalities are done, you can take more laid back photos with family that you haven’t had the opportunity to bond with in person for years.  Those pictures can be quite the discussion pieces when looking through your scrapbook for years to come.

While the formal pictures are GREAT for the scapbook, it’s the candids taken with a photo booth that get talked about the most.  Those are the ones where people let their personalities shine in a more relaxed environment.  As mentioned in the beginning, people get more creative with their poses because it’s more about FUN.  The photo booth allows everyone to lean into it.

Here’s an added bonus: how many times have you seen groups attempting to hold the same pose while three or four different people try to get the perfect shot on their individual phones?  How often have ALL of those shots been shared?  When that group takes pictures with a photo booth, the booth does the work; you can share to as many people as you wish afterward (either by texting/emailing it to yourselves immediately after it’s taken at the event or sharing the link to the picture or gallery afterward).

1. Another Way to Celebrate the Person/People of Honor
Let’s be real for this one: if you’re having a celebration, you obviously want at least a little attention (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that).  Thanks to Social Media, there are PLENTY of ideas of ways to make your party THE talk of your social circle.  Set up a hashtag for your event and have that hashtag added to the photobooth pictures taken.  Better yet, share that hashtag with friends and family and watch them flood your Instagram and Facebook feeds with pictures from your event.  It’s a nice way to get a bigger presence without you having to do all of the posting yourself.

For those of you who might want to add another source of fun and engagement for your guests, a photo booth might just be what the doctor ordered.

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