Occasionally, I’m asked about the different methods available to a bride to handle her toss bouquet. I’ve seen a few different variations of that particular tradition: the bouquet is auctioned off, the bouquet is tossed using the traditional method, the bouquet is handed to a designated person chosen by the bride or the newlyweds or the bouquet is handed to the couple that’s been married the longest as determined by doing an Anniversary Dance.

While I’ve helped facilitate all of the above options, my personal favorite method for handling the bouquet occurred at a wedding that I did nearly two years ago.

The bouquet was locked in a glass case and placed on a table that was positioned near my station. When the time came to actually perform the bouquet ceremony, all of the single ladies in the crowd were handed keys. The bouquet went to the young lady whose key unlocked the padlock sealing the case.

I liked it so much that I made sure to take a few pictures of the bouquet in the case (the fact that it had MUCH purple, which is my favorite color, didn’t influence that decision at all).

So, for those that may be interested in doing something out of the ordinary when it comes to the bouquet, this may be something to consider.

Note: In case you were wondering how the bouquet toss came to be, check out this link.