I’m about to tell you a not-so-secret secret: most couples that I work with at my gigs are doing this whole wedding/marriage thing for the first time.

Why do I mention that? Well, it’s really simple: most of the clients that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with about their event are looking for guidance when it comes to THEIR celebration. Generally, they have had the opportunity to attend at least one wedding reception prior to their own. Despite the vision that they may have had going into the planning of their reception, they’re looking for someone to confirm that they’re on the right track. What they’re really looking for is validation when it comes to their thoughts on how their celebration should play out.

My job isn’t to tell you that you’re crazy for wanting to do (or NOT do) certain things. My job isn’t to try to sway you into doing what I want you to do on YOUR night, either. My job, once you have me on your team, is to help you plan out the night then carry out the plan as best I can with your vision at the forefront. When it comes to wedding receptions, I’m VERY detail-oriented. The questions that I ask are with the purpose of discovering your wishes so that I can use all of the tools at my disposal to help you realize those wishes.

Case in point: at a recent wedding reception, one of the biggest concerns for the couple was what I like to call The Eat and Run Game. What is The Eat and Run Game, you ask? It’s that part of the night when there’s a lull between the completion of the toasts for the newlyweds (usually prior to dessert) and the start of the dance. The longer the lull between those two events, the more prone guests are to use that time as an opportunity to leave the reception to do other things. It’s a bane of a wedding reception; one that I, as a wedding DJ want to avoid as much as possible. There are ways that can be used to try to keep the loss of attendees to a minimum. One of my favorite ways to do so is called The Table Race.

I will preface this by saying that the photographer HAS to be in the loop on The Table Race. On the occasions where I’ve participated in one, it was the photographer who took the lead; however, as long as the photographer knows what’s going on, you’re in the clear.

The purpose of The Table Race is two-fold: it keeps the guests engaged and the newlyweds get some rather unique photos with the guests at every table in the room. The objective for the newlyweds is to visit EVERY table before the song ends. As the DJ, I choose a song to play while The Table Race happens. One song. Once the song begins, the newlyweds, photographer in tow, visit as many tables in the room as possible. The guests at each table will gather in some sort of pose; funny, silly, serious… Whatever mood hits them at the time. Usually, they’ve chosen and are ready by the time the newlyweds and the photographer arrive. The photographer takes the picture once the newlyweds are in position then they’re off with the newlyweds to the next table. It looks slightly chaotic as it happens, but it’s a LOT of fun for everyone involved.

I haven’t seen very many table races during my time as a wedding DJ. That makes them more memorable for me. It also makes The Table Race an option for something slightly different for the newlyweds to make part of their celebration.

What do YOU think? Have you seen a Table Race in action? Have you had one as part of your celebration? Is it something that you’d consider making a part of the festivities for your wedding reception?

Don’t be shy: I’d LOVE to hear thoughts from anyone keeping tabs on the BtB Blog.