One of the things that I’ve understood about being a wedding DJ is the fact that the journey taken that night is not taken alone. Everyone in attendance, from the moment the performance begins until the lights are raised and the music quiets, pays attention to the DJ and the VIPs of the evening – the newlyweds.

Truth be told, that’s one of the things that I enjoy most about my job. While I do have everyone’s attention, it’s not about me. While I’m guiding everyone’s enjoyment with song selection, banter, MC skills and other tools that I have up my sleeves, it’s never lost on me that all of it is for the clients’ benefit.

I’ve been told on MANY occasions that people can tell that I love what I do. I consider that a compliment. I DO love what I do. I’m passionate about it. I’m protective of it. But I also know that I love sharing what I do and why I do it. I’m putting myself out there for all to see. No fear (usually).

I recently played for the elementary school where I’ve done volunteer work for the last 3 years. Earlier in the school year, an auction was held that would allow students the opportunity to be my co-DJ during the event. I don’t know if any of them will aspire to being DJs in their own right as they navigate Life, but I DO know this:

Children need to see people enjoying what they do. We all need to see that. There’s something almost spiritual that touches us when we witness someone doing what they were seemingly born to do.

For me, that’s being a DJ. Whether it’s for a wedding reception, a school dance, a business function or some other event doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m doing what I love. I have no problem taking whomever is receptive to that with me.