Authors Note: Admittedly, I’m a Mama’s Boy… Always have been, always will be. Clearly, this post won’t resonate with or apply to all wedding couples. For those who it DOES apply to, read on.

Alright, fellas: as of this writing, my intention is for this to be released to the world on Mother’s Day 2020. As such, while anyone that finds their way here may gain some food for thought, I’m speaking directly to you.

It may sound cliché, but it’s generally accepted as fact that a man’s first love is his mother. No matter how hard-headed we were, no matter how much of a mess we made in her kitchen, no matter what insulting things we may have said to her (unintentional or deliberate), Mom ALWAYS had our backs. She loved us unconditionally, even when she may not have liked us very much (and, if we’re honest, MANY of us gave her PLENTY of reasons NOT to like us). Sometimes, that love was a little tougher than we’d have liked. Other times, it was a bit embarrassing for the men that we believed ourselves to be in those moments (y’all remember all of those forced hugs and kisses in public in front of our friends).

As a wedding entertainer, I’ve witnessed hundreds of Mother/Son dances. Simply put, for me, they tend to be the moment of most weddings that tugs at my heart strings the hardest. Whenever I see those grooms dancing with their mothers, I’m reminded of “Moms” (how I referred to my mother) and EVERYTHING that she means to me.

So… While you assist the love of your life in planning out the script of your big day, do yourselves a BIG favor if you aren’t already (and, in so doing, do others a HUGE favor as well) – consider dancing with your mom on your wedding day.

For those of you rolling your eyes right now, stop and hear me out. One song, 2 to 5 minutes long (I know, 5 minutes might be a bit much; discuss ways to shorten it with your DJ, who’ll be more than happy to help you out). If nothing else, think of the brownie points that you may win with Mom. You took the time to think of her on YOUR wedding day. Every time she looks at pictures (and trust me, there will be PLENTY), she’s going to think about that moment in time. She’ll be reminded of bringing you into the world; the first time you said “Mama”; your first steps… She will literally have her own version of “This Is YOUR Life” going through her mind. It’s a simple gesture, really; one that will have a far broader impact than you expect.

Sidebar: In my years of doing weddings, the song chosen for the vast majority of the Mother/Son dances was chosen by the groom’s mother. It’s a safe way to go; you allow her input on the soundtrack for that moment shared with you. I offer a proposal: instead of letting her choose the song, consider choosing one yourself. It will mean even more to her if YOU choose a song that speaks to what she means to you. Much like you and your spouse-to-be choosing a song that describes your relationship, determining the song that tells HER and everyone else in attendance what she means to you will have more impact. Also, you choosing the song will result in taking that pressure off of Mom.

In conclusion; many of you might not think of it until your spouse-to-be (or your mother) mentions it during the planning stages of your wedding day – it’s a GREAT idea to consider a dance with Mom as one of your spotlight moments. You honor her and her legacy while telling the world what she means to you. If you can, advise your future Partner For Life to keep the chosen song’s title a secret… It will have an even deeper impact with Mom once she hears those lyrics.

Remind her of Her Little Boy… Even though, he’s not so little any more.

If you’re looking for suggestions on songs that can be used for the Mother/Son Dance at your wedding, check out this list.

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