When prospective clients look for DJs, it’s not often that they consider using a DJ service to provide music for their wedding ceremony.  Many aren’t aware that this is even a possibility, nor can they assume that every DJ company provides this service.  It’s not uncommon for questions to arise about different traditions that can be incorporated in a wedding ceremony.

I have had the privilege of performing at MANY ceremonies over the last twelve years.  Once the couple of honor have chosen their specific songs, all that’s left is a rehearsal to get a feel for how the ceremony itself will go, followed by the ceremony itself.  As the DJ, it’s my job to make sure that the songs are played at the proper time and faded out when necessary.  I meet with the officiant performing the ceremony beforehand so that we can discuss cues and the overall flow of the event.  I have the officiant test the microphone that will be used and leave it to their discretion as to how loud said microphone will be during the ceremony (often with an assist from any guests within earshot at that time).  I ask about specific wording when it comes to a couple of areas of the ceremony as my cue to start playing music.

One of my favorite things to witness during a wedding is the Unity Sand Ceremony.  While there are a few different variations of the Unity Ceremony, one of the things that I like about it is the symbolism that goes into it, along with the keepsake that results from it.  Most couples use sand in the colors that go with the theme for their overall event.  With marriages that result in blended families, it’s not uncommon for the children to also be involved, each individual having a color that represents them in the familial relationship.  Everyone involved will pour their color into the keepsake vessel; once done.  It’s as unique as that particular family happens to be; something that can never be recreated in the same manner nor separated.

Unlike a Unity Candle, a windy day doesn’t tend to wreak quite so much havoc on the execution of a sand ceremony.  Of course, if you’re accident-prone like me, you may want to be careful in transporting all of the receptacles pre- and post-ceremony.  Regardless, you end up with a nice heirloom of the day to go along with the pictures/scrapbook.  Not a bad way to go.

What about you?  What’s YOUR favorite Unity Ceremony?