There is no secret that, when it comes to the wedding industry, word of mouth is HUGE. When I began this endeavor, I wanted to grow the business in a more organic way: mostly through referrals from preferred venue partners as well as other vendors that I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with. While a work in progress, this strategy is paying off.

That brings me to the photographer that I’ve worked most closely with over the last 2 years. Nicole Engstrom and I met during a wedding ceremony that I was sub-contracted for in 2016. We got along so well in that instance that we’ve established a bit more of a friendship since. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on 3 more weddings since that day and I have highlighted MANY of the images that she’s shared with me on social media (primarily Facebook and Instagram).

Nicole is an AWESOME photographer to collaborate with and I’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit about her personal life as well. As with any other relationship, it seems quite easy when you “click” as individuals. Each of us has learned how the other approaches these events and we work behind the scenes to accommodate each other’s needs in the interest of serving our mutual client. It helps a LOT that we have fun with each other, too.

It is my honor to introduce you to Nicole Engstrom of Little Mac Design Weddings (Author’s Note: some answers have been edited for clarity).

What inspired you to get into photography?
My inspiration for photography began during junior high school. I have always had a love for photography; in fact I learned photography back when film was used; disposable cameras, winding film cameras, etc. I learned how to shoot film on my dad’s Minolta camera back in high school and developed the film in photography class way before cameras went digital. I love being able capture moments through the camera to treasure forever.

What drove you to the wedding industry?
Entering the wedding industry was initially a motive to build my photography portfolio. In fact, the first wedding I shot came as a result of an entirely different job. I was working with a roofing and siding company; at the completion of an inspection, I had a conversation with one of the homeowner’s neighbors. We got into a conversation about photography and this neighbor mentioned that she had a daughter that was getting married. I’d never shot a wedding before, so I offered to shoot her daughter’s wedding at a discounted rate; the neighbor pretty much hired me on the spot. I never thought that I would fall in love with shooting weddings and continue doing so as a professional career.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?
That is a hard question to answer. I love the anticipation, the excitement and the emotions throughout the day: when the groom sees his bride in her wedding dress for the first time; the beauty and smell of the flowers; the decorations; the first kiss at the end of the ceremony and the fun stories shared during the toasts (yes, we listen to all of them while shooting pictures). I pretty much love everything about the day.

Do you have any favorite wedding trends?
I like when the brides change into a second dress after their first dance at the wedding reception. It’s fun to see more of their personal fashion style and it’s also enjoyable to see them more comfortable, relaxed and happy.

What makes you unique among other wedding photographers?
I think what makes me unique from other wedding photographers is my use of creative lighting and angles in my work. My ability to,”see” that hidden shot and create from that a vision that no one else sees until the finished product. I love blowing their minds with the final edited shot from that executed vision.

And finally… This should be a fun one: what is something that we might not otherwise know about you?
I absolutely LOVE Tostitos lime chips with melted cheese on them. YUM!!!!!!!

Vendors like Nicole have been instrumental to the success that I’ve enjoyed with Behind the Board DJ Entertainment in 2018. They’ve helped to spread the word about me and my company and have made my job more fun when in the field. I’m definitely looking forward to collaborating with her on more events in the future.

For more information about Little Mac Design Weddings, check out the company website.