I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best when it comes to the nuances of networking. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tended to be more of a lone wolf during my private time.

I know, I know… But you seem to be REALLY outgoing when you’re serving as MC/DJ at a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy what I do; it helps me keep some semblance of sanity as well as reminds me of the best of Humanity. But I’m getting off track.

Some of the easiest vendors to reach out to and to establish contact with are the photographers. As mentioned in a previous blog entry, one of the most important people for the DJ/MC to communicate with during the festivities is the photographer. After all, (s)he is hired to capture those moments for posterity; we have to be QUITE clear with each other about what’s going to happen, when and where. I defer to them because their timeline tends to be more rigid than my own when it comes to these events. Rare is the opportunity for me to have a photographer present to the very end of an celebration. With that in mind, I do what I can to facilitate those moments that they are required to shoot in a timely manner.

I had the privilege of working with Angela at a reception that I was requested for in May of 2017. I was impressed enough with the experience to keep tabs with her since; she was kind enough to send a few shots that she got of yours truly that night that I’ve used on my personal Facebook page, as well as the BtB Facebook page. I’ve been following her works since that night and have learned a little bit more of her story from a personal level. It was a no-brainer to me to show a bit of my appreciation by putting a little focus on her here on the blog.

With that said, join me in learning a little more about Ms. Knox (Author’s Note: some answers paraphrased for clarity):

When did you know that you wanted to be a photographer?
I did photography all throughout high school and into college. I always loved it but never really considered a career in it until I was asked to create a photo collage for a friend’s wedding. I did this style of photography in college and had never been at a wedding with my camera. After watching the day go by and all the excitement, I reached out to other photographers in my area to see if I could start mentoring; I guess that wedding is when I knew!

What motivated you to get into wedding photography?
When I first started my photography career, I mentored with a lot of different types of photographers. I started with commercial and architectural photography, but I missed the people aspect. I mentored with a fashion photographer; he saw me light up and work very well under pressure, so he suggested that I try weddings. I had already dabbled (in wedding photography) a bit, but his words were the push I needed to really get into it!

What’s your favorite wedding memory?
Man, this is tough since every wedding is so unique and has beautiful moments. One time, I captured a traditional Vietnamese ceremony. The groom and his groomsmen marched into the house with gifts. The bride, the groom’s family, and her family drank tea, exchanged envelopes filled with cash, lit candles and so much more. Afterwards, they had me sit down with them to share a traditional meal. It was really neat! I love any ceremonies that bring historical cultures into them.

Do you have any favorite locations where you like to shoot?
I like historical and architectural places for weddings and state parks for engagement sessions. Historical places have some great nooks and crannies of light that are very inspiring. I love the Landmark Center and Lumber Exchange Center in the Twin Cities. For engagement sessions, I love Interstate Park and Hidden Falls.

How would you describe your photography style?
I consider myself a blend of natural and magical. I love working with natural light, especially during the day for group portraits. Once it turns to night, my imagination runs wild! I also love adding in my own lights as well as holding things up to my lens like glass, CDs, and sparklers to create unique images. Most of my photography is candid, but for my more artistic images, I plan them out and do add a bit of posing.

What makes you unique among other photographers?
I come from a customer service background, so I treat my clients like family. I not only want to deliver them beautiful photos, but I want the whole experience to be fun and easy. From our first meeting until our last interaction, I am there to listen and help them feel supported throughout the entire process. I always tell them that I have their backs, because I do. I feel like some photographers are very much about the images and just doing the “day of” job, but wedding photography in my world is so much more: it’s an experience.

What is one thing that we might not know about you?
I live for live music and see about 100 live concerts a year. My favorite bands cureently include Dead and Co, STS9, and the Motet, and I travel all over the country multiple times a year to see them. I have also been teaching yoga for eight years; I teach a few classes a week for fun and to stay in shape.

Thank you VERY much, Angela, for taking the time to answer my questions! I look forward to working alongside you at a wedding reception SOON!

For the rest of you, if you’re interested in learning more or checking out some of Angela’s work, check out her website.